DAYS 2016


Merci de bien vouloir nous excuser pour les éventuelles erreurs de traduction.


We arrived at the Lofoten by the south of the islands in Moskenes under a radiant sun. We only have 130km to reach Svolvaer, place of the event.

Arriving at the site in the city center of Svolvaer, we join the registration tent where we await our registration with pin patch program and bracelet to access the site.
Then direct our hotel book, via the website of the Nordic Harley Chapter in February.

Poor Alex, impossible to find his reservation, there was only mine. The receptionist then tells us that there is no reservation for Alex. I show him his confirmation mail and we find on his face a great moment of solitude. Alex listens to the exchanges and understands nothing, but he sees that there is a worry. Then, the receptionist gives him the key to a room in the neighboring hotel to replace her room. We go finally after 3 / 4h of speaking and discover in the substitute room panties, socks, suitcases, toothbrushes etc.... Return to the office a little bit angry when at the same time the boss arrives and finds Alex in the computer reservations ... .Yes!!
The boss of the hotel offered us a beer to apologize. Norwegian customer service at the top.
Shower and visit on the site, very close this Wednesday August 3rd. Not many people yet and it's very small compared to what we usually see in southern Europe.

Meeting on the site of Sylvie and Eric arriving from Savoy which will continue until the North Cape. As we walked around the square we met Babette and René of the Gruyère Chapter from Switzerland, happy to find Bikers speaking the language of Molière. We will not quit any more the whole rally.

We meet a staff member and ask if we could make an interview of the chapter director. Immediately with a smile he picks up his phone calls the manager explains and passes it to me. We agree for a meeting to the hotel the next day.
On the morning of 4th, under the bright sun, we return to the boat, which has been dropped off by the Chapter, which takes us to the Trollfjord to discover the sea eagles. We find ourselves on the boat with the Harley Davidson flag floating in the wind for a mini cruise. 3 hours. Superb ballad of the breathtaking landscapes all accompanied by a small coffee in the morning and then a fish soup on the noon shots all with two musicians who play us tunes of Rock and Country. Great that she organizes down tothe details.
Returning from the ballad in the early afternoon we find Knut-Bjarne Klaussen, (we will stay on Knut) director of the Artic Chapter and organizer of the event for an interview.
- Hello Knut I'm preparing a report on the Rally HOG of the Nordic Harley days which will be diffused by Internet on a site dedicated to the events of the Chapters in Europe, of all that revolves around our passion and especially in the francophone countries: www.

- Ok Knut how many members are you in the Artic Chapter?
- We are now 175 members and depend on 2 concessions Ballanger and Tromso.
- You can drive over what period in the north of Norway.
- Overall from April to September, a little more or a little less depending on the weather conditions and then here we wait for the day to come back because at the moment you do not see it at night it always makes day at midnight but in winter it’s the reverse you can have daylight from 8am to noon see less.
- Knut, is “Nordic Harley Days” the first meeting you do?
- No in 2010 we had already had a national rally HOG and had also done on the LofotenIslands in Svolvaer.
- You often meet the chapter members for small runs?
- No it is complicated because our members are scattered within a radius of 500km and some take up to 6 hours to come to the meeting point.
- But for the preparation of this Rally how did you do?
- We started working on the project with the 12 members of the office in 2013 and in the end we have 110 members of the Chapter who work as help for the smooth running of the event, you will recognize them, they all have an orange tee-shirt With Staff written on it.
- How many bikers for this rally?
- You are 1830 bikers for this rally, of course it is much less than in the south of Europe but these 1830 bikers come from 30 different countries and we estimated that they will cover about 5 million kilometers to go and Come to Nordic Harley Days
"For when, Knut, the next meeting in the Lofoten?"
- You know we are part of the "Nordic Area" Finland, Norway Sweden and Denmark so it turns for the HOG rally. I cannot tell you when the next one will be.
- Thank you Knut for those explanations and we congratulate you and your team for this superb organization and this kindness all the time.

The next day a run organized by the Nordic Chapter at the Viking Museum in Borg. Run went back a hundred kilometers by a fabulous seaside road. Viking History and Culture. We retained that at that time, it was the Viking Ladies who were depriving power and that the men had to be clean and make war. Otherwise they get out from the community…..
Back on the site of the Nordic Harley with the international female concourse of the launch of cod cage, yes yes it is not invented, the winner is seen restoring a pint of beer.

The Saturday Parade. We had a meeting in the parking lot of Svolvaerregional airport at 13 pm. Everyone is waiting patiently and watching the regional plane that has just landed. Some fifty passengers get down the plane and then fifty others embark. The plane take off and to the general surprise the gates of the tracks open, we are invited to come and put us up for the parade on the runway. Giant.
- "Alex you think we could have done that in France"
- "After 95000 forms 3500 phone calls and 98 meetings a small leader would have told us: NO"

The parade runs under the control of the local police from the airport's runway for a 1: 1/2 run in Svolvaer and its surroundings.
Back on the site a troop disguised as Vikings goes on the stage and announces us that they will sing us a song that comes back of the ages. From the time when Vikings went as far as the south of France to fight the Saracens. This song was written in honor of a Franc soldier who rang the horn to call for help as he was attacked in the Col de Ronceveaux.
We are astonished, we 4 French present, that a piece of our history appears on an island in the north of Norway by 64 °, 14 '' of north latitude.
Woauouh emotion.
The end of this meeting is approaching and we prepare the way back.
What memories of an extraordinary welcome of the Norwegians, a joy of living and an unfailing organization. Congratulations to the entire Nordic Harley Chapter team.
For those who wish visit norway, I invite you to discover the National Hog Rally of Roros in Norway from June 29 to July 2, 2017 and organized by the Chapter 5 of Trondheim. The welcome and the Norwegian kindness will be there.